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The Edictum of Tarot - Uncover Hidden Knowledge by Ella Jo Street

The Edictum of Tarot – Uncover Hidden Knowledge by Ella Jo Street

The Edictum of Tarot by Ella Jo Street

For readers interested in Tarot, the first four books of The Edictum of Tarot are available on Blurb.com

This is a planned series of books that looks at each tarot card of the Major Arcana in depth. So far I have written four books:- The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress and The Emperor.

The Magician

The Magician

These books give an in-depth analysis of the card and thus provide an all round view on the symbols and traditional meanings associated with them. As tarot is such a symbolic, picture-based medium I feel it would be inappropriate to publish them as e-books.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess

Thus the books are self published in hardback making them quite expensive – but not overly so for reference books. I hope that a publisher may show interest in the first four books and support me in writing the rest of the series, making these valuable resource material available at a reasonable price.


The Empress

The Empress









The first four books of the Edictum of Tarot are can be found here –

Links – The Magician    The High Priestess     The Empress  The Emperor

I published an article called ‘The Origins of Tarot’ (reviewed in Femspec Magazine, 2007). (Femspec is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to science fiction,fantasy, magical realism, surrealism, myth, folklore and other supernatural genres).

This book was written after research undertaken in Bengal, India and is now published in my book ‘Does Tarot Come From India?’ I followed evidence of picture cards to the area it originated from and met the last artists to retain the tradition.

Traveling in Turkey allowed me to discover clues for the origins and development of Tarot in its journey across Europe. ‘Journey of a Tarot Reader’ begins with my travel diary. On my return home I researched my findings and I was able to expand the book. Thus ‘Does Tarot come from India?’ will appeal to those with a little more in-depth knowledge of Tarot, whilst ‘Journey Of A Tarot Reader’ can also appeal to novices. I am pleased to be able to present theories from a slightly different angle on the appearance of tarot in Europe.

Journey Of A Tarot Reader

Journey Of A Tarot Reader
Serious research on the possible influence of the Mother Goddess Religion on the concept of Tarot

Review Femspec 13.2 (November 2013)
“Journey of a Tarot Reader is definitely ethnography with a soul, useful when teaching as a model for embodied research. Numerous other goddess journeyers, students and researchers would benefit from the pure passion of Ella Jo’s pursuits.”

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