Pod casts take off at Diamond Seeds

A new blog at last – it has just been over a year since the last one – and what a busy time indeed!

Last summer saw us at Stonehenge and Strawberry Fair, taking in the delights of our festive culture, seeing how folk can gather and make merry, singing and dancing and just getting on with each other. Many old friends appeared again in the last year, and it was a joy to find new faces too!

But what of Diamond Seeds?
Well music projects continue, but go off at a tangent, so while much has been done, little can be said of it! (All will be revealed eventually).

To celebrate the start of the Olympics, the Diamond Seeds fraternity attended a little festival in Luton, put on BY the people FOR the people, and there was a fantastic turn out and many bands gave their time for free over the two days at the Leftfield Stage.

Punk band from Luton

The Adenoids played at the Leftfield Live Stage in Luton the day the Olympic Torch came through.

At the Leftfield Live Stage

Ella Jo At the Leftfield Live Stage. Held on the day the Olympic Torch went through Luton 2012

2012 has been the year that we have launched our pod casts and there are now three available to stream. The idea has come to fruition and it has been a real pleasure to host some of the top new artists that are about this summer. Check out the pod casts if you haven’t already – they run for approx 45 minutes. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the production or the pure talent that we have found. Each edition plays ten superb songs from different genres from the best up and coming artists from around the world.  http://www.diamondseeds.co.uk/podcast.html

We like to be inclusive and continually value all contributions, so keep the music coming in!!!!