Alter Ego

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‘Anytime’ is light and airy jazzy pop, delicately and easily catchy, with more roominess and rhythmical boominess to the dusty but urgent ‘Shock To My Senses’ which boasts modest but strikingly pretty vocals. ‘Cut Me Down’ is equally charming but with some spirited truculence going on, then after a weird sample about flatlanders the gentle ‘Memories In Red’, perfumed by cool bass, is slick, sweet and surprisingly brief.

The rightly diminutive ‘Little White Shell’ is succulent and for a while, I kid you not, like a grubby version of Wham!, then ‘Prayer Of Isis’ does a heartfelt folky thing which is very cute. Militaristic visions crackle through the noisy ‘Dissolver’ which shape-shifts from smoky desolation to buzzy drum and bass patterns. ‘The Awakening’ slips away without really grabbing me, but it’s a blissful little number, ‘He Who Dares Wins’ is some scampering weirdness, and the moodier ‘Can’t Happen’ makes for a smooth ending but they could have reversed these final two for a stronger finish.

The odd thing is how little she throws full focus on her voice, the strongest element involved, which shows how important she believes the effect of the songs must be. That’s the sign of a true artist.

Mick Mercer

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"Alter Ego" Front

“Alter Ego” Front

Alter Ego

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Performed by: Ella Jo
Label: Diamond Seeds
Genre: Dance, Indie, Drum and Bass, Folk
Catalog #: DSEJ002
Disc: cd
Release date: March 6 2010
1.  Anytime 2.  Shock To My Senses
3.  Cut Me Down 4.  Memories In Red
5.  Little White Shell 6.  Prayer Of Isis
7.  Dissolver 8.  The Awakening
9.  He Who Dares Wins 10.  Can’t Happen
popular music, neo folk, electronica
Helen Joy Street for Diamond Seeds Productions
"Alter Ego" Rear

“Alter Ego” Rear


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