DOOMSDAY DOT COM....NEW ALBUM BY NOSTRAMUS, coming to a planet near you soon!Is this the end of drum and bass as we know it?
A sound concept tapestry with a strong musical current, including samples which expose media hysteria amongst both dark and light themes. Nostramus comments on the phenomena that shape our early 21st century; times where fear is founded for some, and a plaything for others.

Nostramus’s  second official album released in 2011. Available by mail order or from CD Baby as physical CD Album or as Digital Download from CD Baby, I Tunes etc.
Tracks – 12
Label – Diamond Seed Productions
Year – 2011
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Earthlights 2010 Remastered. …..NOSTRAMUS

Earthlights 2010 Remastered. Click to buy CDDescribed as ’21st century pagan drum and bass’, the ‘Earthlights’ album by Spon’s alter ego Nosramus was released in 1997 by Recordings of Substance in the UK and Shadow Records in the US to critical acclaim. Now remastered in 2010.
Tracks – 10
Label – Diamond Seed Productions
Year – 2010
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A feast of sound-scarped nightmare visions and eclectic journeys. Culled from the darker psychotropic-fueled imagination of The Big Eye, Bud Brothers and Nostramus’s  Steve Spon.
Tracks – 13
Label – Diamond Seed Productions
Year – 2011
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